87 organizations and human rights network in 13 Arab countries Condemns the Israeli war crimes and the sad international silence, and suspicious Arab complicity And demand the United Nations to convene an international conference to end the Israeli occu

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Proposed Press Release

05/08/2014, 12:00

Occupied Jerusalem local time

87 organizations and human rights network in 13 Arab countries
Condemns the Israeli war crimes and the sad international silence, and suspicious Arab complicity

And demand the United Nations to convene an international conference to end the Israeli occupation

And to prosecute Israeli war criminals

Human rights and civil society organizations, signatories to this statement, demand of the international community urgent action for the immediate cessation of the brutal barbaric aggression on our people in the Gaza Strip, to protect Palestinian civilians from the continued Israeli terrorism occupation forces, and hold the aggressors accountable for their crimes.

For a month now, the Zionist entity authorities, occupying Israeli force, continue to escalate its aggression on humans and properties in the Gaza Strip, with daily excessive brutal crimes against unarmed civilians, committing war crimes and crimes of aggression against humanity, and a kind of genocide. This caused so far in the killing of more than 1,900 civilians (and this figure is expected to increase), including 470 children and 250 women, the displacement of more than 500 thousand Palestinians from their homes, the destruction of thousands of civilian property, including residential homes, schools, mosques, hospitals, ambulances, targeting maintenance workers and technicians of water and electricity, and bombing water treatment and electricity plants, and wounded about 10,000 civilians, mostly children, women, and the elderly, who are from the categories protected under international humanitarian law, not to mention the environmental and humanitarian disaster to 1.8 million people who live in the Gaza Strip because of the continued outage of power supply for most of the cities and towns of this big prison, the acute shortage of water, and the spread of garbage in the streets, in addition to what was caused by the massive destruction of the bodies of the victims that remained under the rubble and has not been recovered, and the use of internationally prohibited weapons by the occupation army.

The undersigned organizations recall their statement dated 21/07/2014 that the international community ignoring its legal obligations towards the civilian population contributes to the promotion of a culture of impunity for serious violations of the rules of international law, and encourages the Israeli occupation forces to commit more crimes as long as you feel immune against prosecution and punishment, and this is what happened to this day. Additionally, countries like the United States granted the occupying entity privileges of using its reserve of ammunitions, which allowed it to continue to commit crimes.

Accordingly, the signatories of the statement reaffirm that the crimes committed by the occupation forces rise to the level of intentional war crimes and some of them may amount to crimes against humanity, with organized targeting of civilians and their property, and deliberate bombing of houses and public and private property; and they demand the international community to take urgent action to fulfill its legal obligations and moral responsibility towards Palestinian civilian population for the immediate cessation of the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza and to provide protection for civilians, and activate the prosecution and accountability for those who ordered or committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians and their property, or accepted them.

The organizations also condemn the suspicious silence of the Arab League, and in particular the states dealing with this brutal aggression out of the narrow door of interests, and the weak official Arab solidarity, which constitutes complicity with this brutal aggression, and is a factor encouraging the continuation of the hideous Israeli crimes on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which does not stand in harmony with the spirit of the Arab Charter of Human Rights and its principles that recognize the right of peoples to self-determination and equals Zionism to racism.

The organizations regret the continuous silence of the international community and international organizations and bodies on the continuing crimes of the Israeli occupation and continue the policy of double standards that equal victims with criminals.

It also commends the role of the Palestine Committee of the Non-allied countries which held its meeting on Monday 04/08/2014 and demanded the prosecution of all Israelis officials perpetrators of committing international crimes of barbarism against the Palestinian people; and they commend the positions of the countries of Latin America especially Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

The signatories also recall the struggle of the Palestinian people in the West Bank toward the unprecedented criminal acts of the occupying entity against the Palestinians in Gaza, and their emphasis on the most trustworthy handhold that exist between the Palestinians wherever they are found.

The undersigned organizations, as they renew their condemnation of the Israeli war machine and its crimes:

1. Appreciate the decision of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations to form a committee of inquiry into the violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (dated 23/07/2014) and urges it to expedite the formation and the start of work.

2. Request of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit the Gaza Strip and see closely the size of the systematic, orderly, and deliberate Israeli war machine destruction to civilians and properties, which are protected under international law, and to submit its findings in a report published to the world public opinion, and demands the parties concerned to take the necessary and quick steps to stop the crimes.

3. Request action teams operating under special procedures concerning human rights violations to visit Gaza and carry out the investigation and fact-finding about the crimes committed by the occupying entity and grave and systematic violations of human rights, which falls within the jurisdiction of each of them.

4. Emphasize the need for accountability and prosecution of war criminals and the need for all states, particularly the Arab and Islamic ones, to take appropriate measures to activate the universal criminal jurisdiction of their courts in order to prosecute all Israeli officials for the crimes they have committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza, have ordered or facilitated them, or kept silent about them.

5. Calls upon the Government of Switzerland, as Switzerland is the depositary of the four Geneva Conventions, to call for holding a new conference of the High Parties.

6. Calls upon international community to deal with the Gaza Strip as a disaster area, environmentally and humanly, that needs a quick and immediate relief and at different levels of health, sheltering, and primary necessities of life such as water, electricity, medicine, food, housing, treatment, and other.

7. Demanding the United Nations to convene an international conference to support the Palestinian people and support their right not only to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, but in the freedom, independence, and self-determination, including their right to return and establish their independent state according to the resolutions of international legitimacy. Our organizations also confirm that superficial treatments, which do not affect the fulfillment of the rights of the Palestinian people, including the people of Gaza, to end the Israeli occupation is useless treatments.

8. Our organizations remind that international law gives the Palestinian people under occupation the right to struggle in all available forms within the framework of international law, in order to defend itself and in order to liberate their land and their freedom and independence.

9. The organizations remind all states and the United Nations of their responsibilities and legal obligations towards Palestine, as announced by the International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the separation wall in 2004, particularly the commitment to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination and not to provide any form of aid or support to the occupation entity that would impede the exercise of this inalienable right.

10. Our organizations demand to convene an emergency meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to condemn and stop the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people, after the failure of the Security Council for its role in halting the aggression and the Israeli war crimes.

11. Request Member States in the General Assembly of the United Nations to go to the International Court of Justice to request a new advisory opinion about the responsibility of the Israeli entity for the blockade of Gaza and its continued aggression on the population and its international crimes against them and the legal implications upon the international community under this responsibility.

12. Calls for the development of the international campaign to impose sanctions and boycott of Israel as an apartheid state and the a state committing war crimes and aggression to become an official popular international campaign at the same time until the end of the Israeli occupation and the end of the apartheid regime of Israel, and our organizations remind that the international campaign to boycott and impose sanctions on the apartheid regime in South Africa has helped the people of South Africa in their struggle to end apartheid.

The undersigned organizations:

1- The Syrian Federal of Human Rights Organizations (includes 43 human rights organization working inside Syria)

2- The Network of Iraqi Human Rights Organizations (includes 53 human rights organization)

3- Aman network for the rehabilitation and defense of human rights(includes 11 human rights organization) / Lebanon

4- The Elections Network in the Arab world (includes more than 20 civil society organization)

5- The Arab Coalition Against the Death Penalty (includes 10 Arab alliances)

6- Youth Network for Citizenship and Reform (includes 46 civil society organizations)/ Palestine

7- Yemeni Women's Network for Peace and Security (includes 30 institutions of civil society)

8- The Arabic Network for Human Rights Trainers

9- Amman Center for Human Rights Studies / Jordan

10- Arab Commission for Human Rights/ ParisTunisia

11- The Moroccan Association for Human Rights

12- Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering

13- Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights

14- The Arab Organization for Penal Reform / Egypt

15- National Observatory for Human voter / Morocco

16- Alloaloah Center for Human Rights / Bahrain

17- Committees Advocating Freedoms, Democracy, and Human Rights in Syria(C.D.F)

18- Kurdish Organization Advocating Human Rights and General Freedoms in Syria (DAD).

19- National Organization of Human Rights in Syria.

20- Kurdish Committee of Human Rights in Syria (Al Rasid).

21- Arab Organization for human Rights in Syria.

22- Human Rights Organization in Syria (maf).

23- Organization of defending prisoners of Opinion in Syria (Rawanka).

24- Kaskay Organization for the Protection of Environment.

25- National Gathering for the Rights of Women and Children.

26- National Coordinate Advocating the Missing in Syria.

27- Syrians for Democracy.

28- Syrian Lawyers Society for Transitional Justice and the Prominence of Law

29- Algomhoria Center for Studies and Human Right (ACHRS).

30- Syrian Society for Freedom and Justice.

31- Syrian Center for Educating Human Rights.

32- Eibella Center for Transitional Justice and Democracy Studies in Syria.

33- Syrian Center for Human Rights.

34- Syrian Center for Transitional Justice and Promotion of Democracy.

35- Syrian Center for Rehabilitating Victims of Violence and Torture.

36- Syrian Center for Democracy and Rights of Development.

37- The national Center for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies in Syria.

38- Kurdish-Syrian Center of Documentation.

39- The Syrian Center for Democracy and Human Rights

40- The Syrian Center for Housing Rights

41- Organization of Reporters Without Newspapers

42- The Syrian Committee for Environmental Rights

43- The Syrian Center for Independence of the Judiciary

44- The Syrian institution for development of the community participation

45- The Syrian Association for the defense of workers' rights

46- The Syrian Center for Transitional Justice(MSAA)

47- The Syrian Center for Economic and Social Rights

48- The Ugarit Center for Training and Human Rights

49- Arab Committee for the defense of freedom of opinion and expression

50- The Syrian Centre for Monitoring Elections

51- The Syrian Center for Civil Society and Human Rights Studies

52- The Syrian Coalition Against the Death Penalty(SCODP)

53- The Syrian platform for non-governmental organizations(SPNGO)

54- Jordanian Network for Human Rights Trainers

55- AlJothor Association of the rights of the citizen / Jordan

56- Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of Rights

57- Iraqi Center for Human Rights Studies

58- Adaleh Center for Human Rights Studies / Jordan

59- Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture / Lebanon

60- The Palestinian Society for Human Rights (Monitor) Lebanon- Palestine

61- Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners / Egypt

62- The Jordanian Association of Jurists

63- Yemen Organization for Defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms

64- Yemeni Coalition Against the Death Penalty

65- Adaleh Organization for Rights and Freedoms / Yemen

66- Organization and Yemeni proud of Rights and Freedoms and Development / Yemen

67- The Arab Women Organization (AWO) / Jordan

68- Bahrain Society for Human Rights

69- Amman Society Forum for Human Rights / Jordan

70- Arab Society for Academic Freedoms / Jordan

71- Bahrain Transparency Society

72- Muslim Peacemaker Teams/ Iraq

73- Human Rights and Democracy Media center (SHAMS)/ Palestine

74- Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights/Palestine

75- AlJeser Center for Human Rights / Jordan

76- Watan Association for Human Rights / Jordan

77- Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies/Palestine

78- Center Liberties / Palestine

79- Authority eligibility for independence of the judiciary and the rule of law (independence) / Palestine

80- Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights

81- Alqoteb for Development and Human Rights / Tunisia

82- Narina Association for Children and Youth/Syria

83- Ahmed Punjq Center to support human rights and freedoms/Syria

84- Bahraini Women's Union

85- Alkarama organization / Jordan

86- Nedaa Organization for the development of the Sudanese

87- Bahrain Woman Society